Prayer Works

I’m going through old, old papers from my time at Our Lady of the Lake University when I was working on my BS in Religious Studies (with a minor in philosophy, of course!). I remember heading to the computer lab to work on these (sometimes at the last minute!), and, while I’m sure I had […]

Sixteen Year Blogiversary

I was perusing my blog all the way back to the first post I’d ever posted, and noticed it was May 15, 2004. So while I missed it by two days, this is my 16th anniversary  of digital authorship! Will I continue? Sporadically, I’m sure. Does anyone read this? I don’t think so 🙂 Am […]

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I love watching movies (as you can see here), and a two weeks ago I started a trial Netflix membership. [The post won’t be about Netflix, but I do have to say – I’m loving it. It’s a one month trial, and we can have one DVD at a time. The real win for me, […]

Already Missed A Day

Due to the fact that yesterday was very packed with stuff to do. Had to wake up early because my son had a birthday party to attend. He was being picked up here at our house, so I had to clean the kitchen, living room & dining room all while getting our clothes ready and […]


I read somewhere that by committing yourself to blog once a day – every day, no matter what – you force yourself to see it as another daily commitment (like showering, or eating, or other important stuff). So it got me wondering – given my less-than-stellar track record for blogging, would I be able to […]

Movies Part II

A quick update from a previous post: I’ve seen 590 movies over the course of my lifetime (according to the movies I’ve rated at Again . . . not sure if I should be proud or worried (especially after my previous post topic!). Blessings & Peace,Hugo

I’m either a heretic or a saint . . .

So the blog title doesn’t actually have anything to do with the blog itself (well . . . maybe tangentially, but not directly), but it’s a comment I cherish. 🙂 It came from a student in a catechist certification course I gave a few years ago . . . ahh, fond memories . . . […]

Who Am I?

For a while, I was posting several quizzes I had found that I enjoyed. The quizzes were mostly funny / satirical /entertaining / time wasting fluff, but I think that part of the reason I may not have posted recently is that I was trying to only post about religius / spiritual topics . . […]

Back from the Conference

I attended the National Youth Workers Conference put on by Youth Specialties in Austin last week/weekend. It was my first time attending, and I really enjoyed it. The first day and a half I participated in a contemplative retreat entitled “Becoming the Beloved.” It was facilitated by Mark Yaconelli, and it was the best part […]

The National Youth Workers Convention

Later on this week I’m attending the National Youth Workers Convention in Austin, TX. I have to admit to being a bit nervous – this is the first non-Catholic large-scale conference that I’ll be attending. I usually attend the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry (an every-other-year event), but this year my budget couldn’t handle […]