Chapter 8 – Seasons of Praise

This week we start the first of two chapters covering our Liturgical (Church) year. We will look at the seasons of Lent-Easter this week, and next week we will look at Advent-Christmas. (They may download the study guide here.) Students will test over this Chapter (along with the Mass Responses – please see my web […]

7th Grade Work & Project

7th Grade students are working on the Chapter 7 Vocabulary & Review Sheet. They are also working on a Seasonal Church Project that is due the first full week of December. The project usually takes a good amount of time to finish, so I encourage students to start early and work hard on it – […]

7th Grade Retreat

Today’s retreat went well. The day was focused on prayer, specifically Jesus’ recomendations on prayer found in the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 6). Students had a chance to celebrate Mass at the Basilica as well time to visit the Gift Shop. Students will test over the Mass responses found on my website on Thursday, and […]