Gluten & Dairy Free Products

My wife is very gluten sensitive and allergic to dairy as well (no peanuts either), so we’ve spent a few years looking for food she can eat that tastes good and won’t affect her health. Here are some of the items we’re using (all of them gluten & dairy free, most of them free of lots of other stuff, too, yet still tasty):


Udi’s makes several products, but this basic bread has been a godsend for my wife. It has to be refrigerated, but once toasted it makes great sandwiches and french toast. My wife uses this for burgers as well. We buy this at Sprout’s (health food type store) or HEB (grocery store) – only one HEB in our town carries it, so your mileage may vary. Aside from the need to refrigerate and then toast, this tastes and feels like normal bread

11065247_10152806045569426_183505946_oDaiya makes both blocks and shredded cheese in several varieties. My wife complains that the mozzarella doesn’t melt well, but the cheddar and pepper jack seem to melt much better. She uses it on salads and sandwiches, or just to snack on when she gets a craving for cheese. This is the closest we’ve come to a product that approximates the taste and feel of cheese.

H.E.B. makes a few varieties of gluten free pasta. We’ve tried several other brands both at HEB and at Sprouts, but all the others were too pasty, gummy and/or tasted terrible. This makes great pasta for salads, to add to Mexican dishes, and to make macaroni and cheese (along with the Daiya up above).

10860491_10152609074594426_1866980775_oKatz makes great large donuts. Like the bread above they must be refrigerated, but lightly toasting in a toaster oven or heating up in a microwave make them taste like they just came out of the oven (they’re good cold, too).


Pamela’s makes one of the favorite snack bars in our household – portable and great tasting! We have them on Subscribe & Save from Amazon (so we get six boxes every month or so), so we’re never without.

11794000_10153125286324426_724433884_oEarth Balance makes great tasting butter substitutes (we’re partial to the Soy Free variety), while Follow Your Heart makes great mayo (again, we’re partial to the soy free variety).

When it comes to milk, several varieties of coconut milk work for us. We’ve tried others (almond, soy, etc.) but this is the one that feels closest to milk in taste and texture.

And there you go – a nice starter pack for gluten and dairy free (tasty!) eating. Enjoy 🙂

Blessings & Peace,