101 Uses for Shape Reality (Planeshaper 30)

When WotC shut down their forums (for very shaky reasons, in my opinion) I perused to see which posts I found interesting and wanted to keep for 4E D&D. I’ll keep backups of the ones I liked here 🙂 This is the first one 🙂 [This list is edited to I only see the ones I liked]

Note: You can get up to 4 extra minors per turn (in addition to a move/standard).  So you can fill 72 squares per turn with stone.  (and empty all as a minor).

1) Encase enemies in stone.
A lich is threatening to raise an undead army? Both lich and evil portal encased in stone.
A wave of marauding orcs is about to destroy a city? Not through that giant stone coffin.
Oh, you’ve got phasing? What’s your speed? Let me action point – nowhere for you to go anymore, unless you want to unphase in solid stone.
2) Remove a wall, blast, fill the wall back up.
3) Create a pit right under an enemy
4) Do a poor “animation” job on a giant golem.
8) Never get sunburned again.
11) Erupting volcano needs a giant stone plug
12) Disappointing lack of monolith to your greatness
14) Conjure metal cubes repeatedly to feed a Rust Monster, just to see how big it can get.
16) Turn a random village/city into a labyrinth over the course of a night.
18) Go and start building literal walls for the dividing lines of various countries.
19) Redirect a river to flood a non-aquatic monster cave via a trench and dam.
20) Start trying to make a direct tunnel straight to the underdark, from the bottom of the ocean.