Sanctuary Part II

My students are looking up homework on my blog (for the Poverty Project unit we’re on) and one of them asked me why I had stopped posting. I truthfully answered laziness 🙂 I figured it was setting a bad example . . . so here I go again with a new post – continuing my history of my WOW Guild, Sanctuary.
A few days after I started playing, I player named Kathorian invited me to join his newly formed guild, The Stormwind Justicars. Not knowing much about how guilds worked, and looking to meet some new people, I accepted his invitation. I had met another player named Cometdraven while we were questing in the same area, and it turned out she was in the guild as well. So my very first WOW friends were made, soon followed by Revelatio, Kennethwc, Kimmie, Nadonii, and more.
(Aside: Cometdraven created several other toons, and had her own guild for a while, but soon moved off server. Kathorian stopped playing for a while, came back, but has now been AFK for about a year. His character, however, is still in my current guild. Kennethwc has his own guild on our server [Myth], Revelatio has his own guild as well [can’t think of the name just now!], Kimmie is no longer playing as far as I know, and Nadonii and her husband Jimthefierce are in the guild but inactive at the moment.)
The guild grew slowly, and we quested together quite a bit. I still remember my very first run through Deadmines – it must have taken about two hours for the five of us to go through. I learned quite a bit that night about aggro, tabbing to target mobs, and the importance of always letting the tank hit first! 🙂 But I remember as well the feelings of companionship and fun as we wiped because three of us in there were brand new to the game. 🙂
The guild continued to grow. We eventually transferred Term’s toon Searspan to Terokkar, and a real life friend (Milton) joined in as well. It was fun taking turns with Term playing on one account, but it was around this time that we got a separate account so we could both play at once.
All was going well until Kathorian had to distance himself from the game due to real life reasons. At first it wasn’t too bad, but as his absence stretched out, people began leaving the guild. I stuck it out for a while, but by this time many people had hit 70 and were looking to raid and/or run heroics. So it was with a heavy heart that one evening I /gquit The Justicars. 🙁
To be continued . . .
Blessings & Peace,
Hugo / D / Anarius (depending on who’s reading this and how I know you!) 🙂