Spoiler Alert! His Dark Materials

I’m currently sheltering at home and am lucky enough to work at a Catholic school where many of my work and ministry responsibilities can be done at home. One of the breaks I’m taking from normal work is to occasionally sift through 20 years of accumulated work emails, deleting where necessary, moving information off email […]

An Interlude

“How do you feel,” the instructor asked. It was a dangerous question. They weren’t supposed to have feelings. Not here, not now. “It feels . . . like I want to let them use my things. Like I want to share with them,” he answered hesitantly. “No. No, you should not feel that way. You should […]

A Battle

Pain blossomed across her torso as her opponent’s dagger sliced through her robe and bit deep into her skin. She gasped as she felt blood well up from the wound. She managed to stammer out: “You . . . you used a real weapon . . . protocol demands that only . . .” “Protocol?,” […]


have you ever wondered why a blizzard never falls when turned upside down? first of all let’s talk about the psychological ramifications which will surely lead us to the physiological implications of course we can’t leave out theological aspirations and only a total fool would forget the philosophical interpretations which is not to say that […]

Mission Expunged

my desk sits there . . . chair and lamp are ready Paper, pen, books lifeless as of yet but ready to do as I command them as I bend them to my will to study and pass and gain knowledge but something is amiss . . . pen and paper, of their own volition […]

An Ending

Every now and then I can access memories and thoughts from a life that is no longer mine. Raining fire and brimstone on my foes. The simple joys of eating and sleeping. Standing up to the injustice of a petty, power mongering minor official underneath the weight of a mountain of earth and stone. And […]

A Beginning

She wore a deep, leaf-green cloak over a loose brown tunic and cord-drawn breeches. The hood of her cloak kept her face covered, but it could not control the wisps of dark hair that slowly crept over her face and shoulders. He dressed similarly to his companion, but in sapphire-trimmed white linen. Both had the […]