Desired Lifestyle Budget
Today’s mission, which you have to accept, is to figure [...]
Finding A Job – Poverty Project
Click here to go to my blog page that lists different [...]
Poverty Project – Looking for Food
You may check the following sites to find prices for food for [...]
Finding A Job – Poverty Project
Your last step is finding a job! You should look for a job [...]
What Happens At YO?
Want to catch a glimpse of what you’ll do next year at [...]
Holy Week Services
Here are the Holy Week services for Our Lady of Sorrows [...]
SAT Testing
This week of SAT testing has gone well. 7-1 has worked quite [...]
The Jesus Movie
Students will spend the next two weeks watching the Jesus [...]
Thanks and Great Job!
Thanks so much to all of the 7th grade parents who volunteered [...]
Happy New Year!
Welcome back to another semester at OLSS, and a brand new year [...]