Desired Lifestyle Budget

Today’s mission, which you have to accept, is to figure out what kind of life you’d like to lead when you get older. There will be several steps. 0. Work Quietly (or this will be homework, not classwork) 1. You should have your hard copy of the Desired Lifestyle Budget. Make sure you have it. […]

Poverty Project – Looking for Food

You may check the following sites to find prices for food for your family of three. You may also look around at any other food sites, but you’ll need to list the sites you used on your paper. AmazonHEBKroger’sTargetWal-Mart BuyCheaprBlessings & Peace,Hugo (Mr. D) 🙂

Finding A Job – Poverty Project

Your last step is finding a job! You should look for a job that you think you would like to do. The following sites will help you find normal jobs (teacher, lawyer, architect, contractor, doctor, research scientist, etc.) – if you want an exotic job (rock star, professional athlete, world-famous diamond king, etc.) you’ll have […]

What Happens At YO?

Want to catch a glimpse of what you’ll do next year at YO? Head over to Ms. Cindy’s web page and see a few pictures and read about their adventures! But . . . do your work first! (Remember – it’s due Friday and it is your final!) Blessings & Peace,D

Holy Week Services

Here are the Holy Week services for Our Lady of Sorrows School. If you would like to find information on other parishes, you may download information for your parish here (as a pdf file) or, if not listed, find your parish on our diocesan web site. OLS Holy Week Services Holy Thursday 8:00 am – […]

SAT Testing

This week of SAT testing has gone well. 7-1 has worked quite well on their tests, with most students finishing well ahead of the allotted time for each test. The tests themselves are un-timed, meaning that students have as much time as they need to finish each test; the listed times are guidelines to help […]

The Jesus Movie

Students will spend the next two weeks watching the Jesus movie that aired on TV in 1999. The film itself is about 3 shours long, but we pause and discuss many aspects of the film throughout the course of the two weeks. Students will have two reflection papers to write on the movie; the papers […]

Thanks and Great Job!

Thanks so much to all of the 7th grade parents who volunteered time, energy and/or food and snacks to our YouthServe retreat. The students had a wonderful time learning about the social justice teaching of our Catholic church, and an equally good time serving the citizens of the RGV by their service time at the […]

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to another semester at OLSS, and a brand new year as well! This quarter students will begin working with a new text: The New Testament – A Course on Jesus Christ and His Disciples ( We will also focus on hunger, poverty and homelessness during Lent, as well as watch the movie Jesus […]