Sanctuary III

The third and final installment of the history of my current WOW guild (Sanctuary on Terokkar/US). A joined the guild Gypsies (which is still active on the realm), and then tried Lightbringers (not sure if they’re still active or not), all the while keeping in touch with several people from the Stormwind Justicars and others […]

Sanctuary Part II

My students are looking up homework on my blog (for the Poverty Project unit we’re on) and one of them asked me why I had stopped posting. I truthfully answered laziness 🙂 I figured it was setting a bad example . . . so here I go again with a new post – continuing my […]


Xero asked me to post a history of Sanctuary. I figured I’d do it here instead of on our website, as I’m used to typing extensively on Windows Live Writer. I’ll begin with the story of how Term and I started to play WOW. Here we go 🙂 My son (Term) started playing WOW in […]


Please Note: I’m working on a paper at the moment, so my Wednesday blog will be brief and has nothing whatsoever to do with theology 🙂 My son and I have been playing World of Warcraft for almost two years now. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a Massively-Multiplayer Online […]