One Spirit, Many Wells – Chapter 10 (Part II)

More quotes from the Chapter on Meditation and Mindfulness When you want to lay yourself open for the divine like a snare that is hollowed out to its depth like a canopy that projects a shadow from the divine heat and light into your soul, then go into your inner place physically, or to that […]


I just finished watching the movie Luther – a story about the life and teaching of Martin Luther, the German Augustinian monk who sparked a cultural, political and theological revolution during the 16th century. Watch it. Rent it. Buy it. Become enraptured with the sumptuous images of the period. Become embroiled in the life and […]

Be C.H.R.I.S.T.

So I had a random idea the other day (actually about 2 months ago) as I was teaching a religion certification course for yet another cute “let’s take a word and make it something religious” idea (like WWJD – What Would Jesus Do; PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens; FROG – Fully Rely on God, […]

Who Am I

Two posts in one day! 🙂 Here is the real me! 🙂 Which OS are You? Which File Extension are You? Enjoy! 🙂 Hugo


i wrote this in high school . . . i still like it . . . enjoy 🙂 silence reigns, the heart is still but peace, far from everlasting, is ephemeral for eyes that see and hearts that hear for a soul so longing to render aid . . . watching . . . slowly […]

One Spirit, Many Wells – Chapter 10

Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation is stopping, calming, and looking deeply. -Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ Thus any feeling whatsoever – past, future or present; internal or eternal; blatant or subtle, common or sublime, far or near; every feeling – is to be seen as it actually is with right understanding: “this is not […]