Wanna Email the Pope?

Knock yourself out! 🙂 Here’s his email address: benedictxvi@vatican.va No mention yet of how many emails he’s received since the address went out (two days ago, I think), but I can imagine it’s quite a bit! 🙂 hmmm . . . now we just need to wait for Pope Benedict’s blog! 🙂 ***EDIT***Zenit news service […]

Vegetarian Christians

OK – so I’m finally getting around to talking about vegetarians . . . and I find that I don’t really know much about the subject, and that it really isn’t something I think I’ll get too passionate about one way or the other. Having said that, I do have a few thoughts on the […]

Pope Benedict XVI

The collective Catholic world shouted in joyful exultation as we received the 265th pope – Pope Benedict XVI (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger). 🙂 I posted this on a mailing list I belong to: I reproduce it here as a means of answering questions about what a pope does: I’ll quote this straight from “The Incredible Book […]

Prayer Request

I haven’t updated in over a week – sorry 🙁 I do, however, have a quick prayer request and a brief musing. Two of my younger brothers (Eric and Rick, for those that know them) were in two separate car accidents in different parts of the world at the same time. Weird. The StoryEric wasn’t […]

Another Try for Catholicism :-)

I found another on-line quiz, this one strictly for Christian denominations. I took it, and this time I came out much more Catholic! 🙂 My list from there is:1) Eastern Orthodox2) Roman Catholic3) Evangelical Lutheran4) Episcopal/Anglican5) Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod6) Methodist/Wesleyan Church7) Seventh-Day Adventist8) Mormonism9) Unitarian Universalism10) Unity Church Blessings & Peace,Hugo (who’s still trying to […]

Pope John Paul II

Just a quick update in the midst of my busyness . . . I pray for the soul of our holy Father Pope John Paul II. I was privileged to meet him personally my senior year in college (1994). I was privileged to celebrate Mass in his private chapel with about 30 other people present. […]