Confession & Confession

Confession #1: I haven’t posted in a while (but you already knew that!). Had end of the school year stuff to do, plus I’m getting ready to teach some summer courses (to other religion teachers in my area) on morality and scripture, plus I was helping a friend move, plus I have frequent bouts of […]

Still still alive :-)

After 5 long weeks my wife is finally better – looks like the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis was spot on. We’re still gonna do another breathing/lung test, and maybe a CAT Scan/MRI just to be on the safe side, but all of her other tests turned out negative . . . so our doctors say […]

Still Alive :-)

No posts recently because my wife has been sick (going on 3rd week) with some sort of asthma / allergy / throat infection / throat ulcer / bronchitis / neck & shoulder pain kinda thing. 🙁 We’re going on three doctor’s visits, six medications, another follow up today or tomorrow, and lung & allergy specialists […]