Galveston Vacation

Our Galveston vacation was cut short with the threat of flash flooding and tropical stom winds and rain, but otherwise it was fun. We did the beach, the pool, four-person bicycling, window-shopping, Moody Gardens, paddleboat ride, dinner at a tropical-rainforest-themed resteraunt, dinner at an excellent steak place, and catching up with my sisters. Blessings & […]

Vacation Time At Last :-)

I’ll be off to the coast for a few days, so my posting will be erratic. Granted, my posting has been erratic for quite some time, but at least this way I have a reason for the lack of posting, and I get to brag about going to the coast for vacation. Blessings & Peace,Hugo […]

Dark Nights of the Soul

I’m reading through Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore (not to be confused with Dark Night of Soul by St. John of the Cross or with the man [Thomas More] who died staying true to his faith), so my next several posts will deal with quotes from the book. The book deals with […]

The Blessings of Imperfection

Ever since I can remember I’ve set off fireworks on the 4th of July (and on New Year’s Eve), which, in my corner of the world, is against the law . . . has been since I was little (as far as I know and can remember). When we moved into our home 4 years […]