Finally . . . A Post! :-)

Nothing for quite a while – no excuses (except for the normal ones – laziness, work and family commitments), so here’s an interview I did for a students a few years ago that I found floating around in my computer – enjoy! 🙂 1. What is one of your earliest memories about God/Jesus?The earliest memory […]

Chapter 3 – God’s Masterpieces

We’re half-way through the school week – here are some more glimpses of 7th grade religion class! The students are working on definitions for their chapter test (which, incidentally, has been moved to Monday, October 2nd), and these are the words they’ve added: sign – something that points the way sacrament – a visible and […]

Chapter 3 – God’s Masterpieces

This week we started working on Chapter 3 in our book. The chapter deals with sacramental theology at a 7th grade level. Students are working on a set of vocabulary words as we read through the chapter (you can download it here). We’ve reviewed the teaching on the two creation stories from Genesis, as well […]

First Post

Greetings fellow OLS parents (and students)! I’m creating this blog for those of you out there that would like to know what your 7th grade students are doing in religion this year. This won’t, however, be a homework site (check my web page for homework). I see this as a place for me to post […]