Will I Make It To Heaven?

I’m working through reading the Bible in one year (using this excellent resource from Discipleship Journal), and I’ve just finished the Gospel of Matthew. I’m using Eugene Peterson’s The Message Remix as my text for this endeavor, for three reasons: It’s a translation I’m not very familiar with, so it’s harder for me to just […]

Peace is Not the Norm

I’m blessed that I have several magazine subscriptions through my job at OLS. One of the magazines I subscribe to is The Journal of Student Ministries, a recent addition to my yearly budget. I want to lift three paragraphs from an article in the most recent issue titled Is Jesus Magic? Healing and the Cross […]

Holy Week Services

Here are the Holy Week services for Our Lady of Sorrows School. If you would like to find information on other parishes, you may download information for your parish here (as a pdf file) or, if not listed, find your parish on our diocesan web site. OLS Holy Week Services Holy Thursday 8:00 am – […]

I’m either a heretic or a saint . . .

So the blog title doesn’t actually have anything to do with the blog itself (well . . . maybe tangentially, but not directly), but it’s a comment I cherish. 🙂 It came from a student in a catechist certification course I gave a few years ago . . . ahh, fond memories . . . […]