A Generous Orthodoxy – Post II

(Pg. 34 in the book, from the opening chapter titled “A Generous Refund”) McLaren writes: Scandalously, the generous orthodoxy you will explore (if you proceed) goes too far, many will say, in the direction of identifying orthodoxy with a consistent practice of humility, charity, courage, and diligence. In the following paragraphs he talks about how […]

Finding A Job – Poverty Project

Your last step is finding a job! You should look for a job that you think you would like to do. The following sites will help you find normal jobs (teacher, lawyer, architect, contractor, doctor, research scientist, etc.) – if you want an exotic job (rock star, professional athlete, world-famous diamond king, etc.) you’ll have […]

What Happens At YO?

Want to catch a glimpse of what you’ll do next year at YO? Head over to Ms. Cindy’s web page and see a few pictures and read about their adventures! But . . . do your work first! (Remember – it’s due Friday and it is your final!) Blessings & Peace,D

What Would Jesus Take?

So I had an interesting thought earlier today as I was . . . using the facilities here at school: would Jesus have gotten constipated or had to deal with diarrhea? I wonder about this because we affirm that he was truly human and truly divine. There have been times when we’ve celebrated his divinity […]

My Actual Sunday Blog (A Generous Orthodoxy)

I posted earlier about missing a post on Saturday – so technically (in my mind, anyway!) that was yesterday’s post – this is today’s post. I’ve read and re-read Brian D. McLaren’s book A Generous Orthodoxy. Upon my second reading I went through and highlighted the paragraphs, links and thoughts and struck me as true […]

Already Missed A Day

Due to the fact that yesterday was very packed with stuff to do. Had to wake up early because my son had a birthday party to attend. He was being picked up here at our house, so I had to clean the kitchen, living room & dining room all while getting our clothes ready and […]

It Starts

So this is Day One of my Daily Post-A-Thon (or would it be day 2 . . . I actually posted yesterday and mused about trying to post every day . . . and since I’m posting today that means I’ve posted two days in a row . . . but technically yesterday I was […]


I read somewhere that by committing yourself to blog once a day – every day, no matter what – you force yourself to see it as another daily commitment (like showering, or eating, or other important stuff). So it got me wondering – given my less-than-stellar track record for blogging, would I be able to […]

Movies Part II

A quick update from a previous post: I’ve seen 590 movies over the course of my lifetime (according to the movies I’ve rated at Blockbuster.com). Again . . . not sure if I should be proud or worried (especially after my previous post topic!). Blessings & Peace,Hugo

Online Grocery Stores – for Poverty Project

Instructions for Today’s Class (05/08/07): You’re buying groceries to make meals for one (1) week for you and your two children (ages 7 and 3). That’s seven breakfasts for 3 people, seven dinners for 3 people, 2 lunches for 3 people, and 5 lunches just for you. You may also include snacks (after school, after […]