What Did I Do?

I was out of work yesterday (Friday) due to gastrointestinal irregularities (for some wierd reason I really like the way that sounds!). Last night my wife started developing a migraine and went to bed early, so my son and I were up a bit later then usual. He started complainig about a sore throat, so […]

Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)

To start myself back on the blogging bandwagon, I thought I’d use a non-divisive topic like abortion. 🙂 But instead of posting what I think about it first, I have a few links that might be of interest on the Freedom of Choice Act which may or may not pass into law under our new […]

Back I Am

So I’m not sure if anyone has kept looking @ this now defunct blog, but seeing as I linked this to my Facebook page I figure I’ll start posting once again 🙂 My fertile mind has a few blog posts already in the works, so look for at least 3 blog postings per week as […]