Question: I would be interested to hear your convictions regarding what is to be the authority for the foundation of, and what or who has the final word in the matter of the practice of our faith. I’m assuming (and forgive me if I’m wrong) that the reply you may be anticipating is that, for […]

Adam & Eve

My brother asked me a question about this, so I’m endeavoring to answer. This may take a while 🙂 The gist of the question: were Adam and Eve real, historical figures? My short answer: no. My longer answer starts with the way Catholics view Biblical Inspiration. We are not literalists who believe that every word […]

Salvation Continued

Same disclaimer as my previous two posts 🙂 Is there a basic assumption being made with your response? As I agree that the question in and of itself is to me very modern in it’s approach and assumptions. What then allows one to make the choice to cross the threshold of Heaven? Is it JUST […]

Getting Into Heaven

Another cannibalized post from my email rantings 🙂 I’ve touched on it before in previous posts, here are some more thoughts. Question: I am curious: would you be so kind to give me your answer to this question? If you were to stand before God today at the gate of heaven and He was to […]

The Eucharist (or “What is Transubstantiation?”)

I belong to an email discussion list where I’m the only Catholic (which had made for some fun discussions!). I have 100’s of saved emails – I’m culling through them for some blogger material. So for the next few weeks – enjoy 🙂 Also, I copied and pasted quotes from several websites – most of […]