The Kingdom of Heaven is Like A Landowner

This past Sunday’s Gospel reading was about a landowner hiring day laborers to work his vineyard. I’ve blogged about this particular passage before, but two passages struck me this weekend as I heard it at Mass. Here’s the relevant passage (from the New American Bible): Jesus told his disciples this parable: “The kingdom of heaven […]

So I bit the bullet and decided to start blogging again, thinking that if I’m actually paying to get a hosted site I’ll blog more. So far (one month into paying for my hosting!) all I’ve done is fiddle with the look of the site (though in my defense, WordPress is new to me, and […]

Welcome to my new home! :)

This will be under construction for a while – I’ve just started getting comfy with GoDaddy (where I’m hosting the site) and with WordPress (I was tempted to go with their free web hosting, but thought I’d try my hand at having my own address – the coolest thing about that so far is my […]