Mission Expunged

my desk sits there . . .
chair and lamp
are ready

Paper, pen, books
lifeless as of yet
but ready to do as I command them
as I bend them to my will
to study
and pass
and gain knowledge

but something is amiss . . .

pen and paper, of their own volition
fly to my hand
defying the laws of gravity
elemental air assaults me
even as ethereal thoughts pour
onto the formerly pristine void
as letters to friends are composed
in the breath of an instant
and in the blink of an eye

that done, my mind turns once more
to the completion of my work

but suddenly,
the electromagnetic entities that control my radio
exert their mystical powers
and a surge of energy bursts the radio to life
as if that weren’t enough
a spiritual apparition can be seen –
gliding silently and effortlessly –
across the floor
it surreptitiously gestures
and by some ghostly psychokinesis
by some act of sorcerous levitation and manipulation
it lifts and sets a cassette into the proper receptacle
and music swells

it pours into my soul
and my body sings with joy
every fiber resonates with the heavenly sounds
that are emanating from the psychically induced
conglomeration of wires and metal . . .

however, as the music fades, my emotions fade as well . . .
coming down to an earthly existence
after reaching and exploring the pinnacles of heaven is hard
but work beckons

it calls
yet its voiced appeals are lost
as sweeter delights beckon . . .

a banshee sings,
and her sweet song is heard drifting down the corridors
to my room
a chorus of angelic voices raises my consciousness,?
and seduces me
until . . .

possessed by the spirits of long dead musicians
i am led to the chapel
there, the object of their desires is to be found
an instrument of such grandeur that its very name
belies it’s power
a piano . . .

my body, now under the control of benevolent spirits
is guided to that creation
as I sit my hands are lifted
and melodies are produced

finally, their appetite for musical expression satisfied
they thank me and leave my mortal shell
my mind, finally its own again
reminds me of the work I need to do
and I walk back to my room
in a daze

as I enter the room grows dark . . .
suddenly, shafts of light blaze forth
as a book materializes in my hands
then, by some act of mystical teleportation
i am lying on my bed . . .
I think
“I’m reading and it helps me learn . . .”
so I keep going
since I enjoy what I’m reading
and as I read
my parapsychological experience
is forgotten

but then . . .
a chill . . .
I feel a presence

by some clairvoyant faculty I know
and act on my knowledge
that I must call . . .

so I am led, once more, out of my microcosmic world
into the greater world without
and as I reach the object of my desires
I reach out and touch someone
for a while . . .

when I have finally finished
I am spent
daily combat with forces beyond my control
tires me
and I must rest . . .

stripping myself of my battle gear
I lie in bed
waiting for repose and refreshment to come
as it does,
a fleeting thought enters my mind
” . . . homework . . .”

“tomorrow,” I thihnk
and sleep

(and that’s why I didn’t do my homework)

Blessings & Peace,