RIP Robin Williams

Movies are a form of digital storytelling. As such, they have the capacity to move us, to form us, and to challenge us. The people who create these works of art, from the actors to the producers to the musicians – they all play a part, and in a certain sense they all take responsibility for the medium’s access to our heart, mind and soul. So it is that with the death of Robin Williams I found myself mourning, as several of his movies touched me deeply.

I find myself saddened that his unique and creative approach to comedy and life have been snuffed out. I think of movies like What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams, Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Mrs, Doubtfire, and Dead Poets Society which alternatively challenged me, made me think, made me laugh, filled me with hope, and made me cry. I think of seeing him on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and thinking that I was watching a master improviser and comedian in action. As a speaker and teacher, watching him made me want to step up my game when I speak in front of an audience. I know it made all the other performers in that episode stretch to do their best as well.

I pray for him and his family, and I pray that even now angels and saints are welcoming him into the Presence of the Name, so that he can enjoy a well deserved rest. I pray for others who struggle with addiction and / or depression. And I pray for the countless people who were touched by the man, by his stand up, by his movies, and by his life.

Heh – I imagine Robin Williams – nowhere near a dour faced saint – enjoying the beatific vision and praising the Holy of Holies who created Joy and who let that joy be incarnated through his life.

Blessings & Peace,