101 Uses for Shape Reality (Planeshaper 30)

When WotC shut down their forums (for very shaky reasons, in my opinion), I perused them to see which posts I found interesting and wanted to keep for 4E D&D. I’ll keep backups of the ones I liked here 🙂 This is the first one 🙂 [This list is edited from the original post]

Note: You can get up to 4 extra minors per turn (in addition to a move/standard). So you can fill 72 squares per turn with stone (and empty all as a minor). Also, the rule on unsupported blocks is that they stay hovering in place!

  1. Encase enemies in stone
    • A lich is threatening to raise an undead army? Both lich and evil portal encased in stone
    • A wave of marauding orcs is about to destroy a city? Not through that giant stone coffin
    • Oh, you’ve got phasing? What’s your speed? Let me action point – nowhere for you to go anymore, unless you want to unphase in solid stone
  2. Remove a wall, blast, fill the wall back up
  3. Create a pit right under an enemy
  4. Do a poor “animation” job on a giant golem
  5. Never get sunburned again
  6. Climb to the heavens
  7. Erupting volcano needs a giant stone plug
  8. Disappointing lack of monolith to your greatness
  9. Conjure metal cubes repeatedly to feed a Rust Monster, just to see how big it can get
  10. Turn a random village/city into a labyrinth over the course of a night
  11. Go and start building literal walls for the dividing lines of various countries
  12. Redirect a river to flood a non-aquatic monster cave via a trench and dam
  13. Start trying to make a direct tunnel straight to the underdark, from the bottom of the ocean
  14. Build a city floating in the clouds, or your dream house (it’ll always have the perfect temperature)
  15. Create solid gold blocks and retire in style
  16. Build the buildings you want, where you want them, for free
  17. Add new landmasses to the oceans and sell them or use them
  18. Add new oceans to the desert