Bookmarks Part I – Glasses & Pens

I wanted to highlight two website I’ve purchased items from to kick off this multipart series (which may take a while to finish – reader be warned!). The first page is a practical one: Zenni Optical. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was right (almost 30 years now!), and I’ve bought my fair share of glasses from several brick and mortar stores. But a few months ago my wife and I both took the plunge into online glass shopping. (online glasses shopping? I’m not sure how to word that!)

We checked our vision at an independent doctor of optometry for about $25 each, and walked out with our prescriptions. We used this site to help us figure our what type of glasses went with our facial features. Then we each spent about an hour browsing all of the different styles of glasses that Zenni offers (the amount of choices they offer is truly staggering).

I went with a rimless full-swing hinge memory titanium model similar to this:

My wife went with a more fashionable approach (she choose a burgundy color instead of this white one):

The glasses come with anti-scratch coating, UV coating, and polished/beveled edges for free. I made mine a bit thinner, and my wife added photochromatic lenses to hers, which bumped our price up by $40. Even with those additions, we only paid about $120 for both pairs (including shipping and handling), including some clip on sunglasses for my glasses. We received the glasses two weeks after we placed our order, and we were able to track our order online.

I am very pleased with our purchase – the only thing I would change about my glasses is that I would pay the extra for the upgrade to their thinnest lens configuration – I had forgotten how thick my glasses could get 🙂 With their prices, my wife and I will definitely buy from them again.


The other site I’ve purchased from is I Sell Pens which sells (drum roll please!) . . . pens. 🙂 I’ve always had a weakness for nice writing instruments (pens and mechanical pencils), and the last few years have seen my buying several fountain pens. I found this website after a long google search for an inexpensive online retailer – I am rather pleased with my purchase from them.

I’ve only bought one pen from them so far – a Kaigelu #335 – Mosaic Shell:

I love the weight of the pen, and smoothness of the writing, and the way it looks and sounds as I use it throughout the day. I remember reading once that pens are a form of functional jewelry – while I really don’t like to wear watches, rings or necklaces, I enjoy this piece of jewelry immensely 🙂

I dropped the pen, and the glass convertor cartridge (the one inside the pen that holds the ink) broke near the top; I couldn’t remove it to add the spare cartridge that came with the pen. When I emailed the website owner and explained my dilemma, he instructed me to send him the pen and he replaced it for the cost of my postage. It was great, prompt customer service, and I know I’ll be buying a few more pens from them in the near future (my son has asked for one as well). 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed these first two website recommendations. Next time – organization! 🙂

Blessings & Peace,