Energy Savings for Texans

There’s a program for Texas residents (please excuse me if you’re a non-Texas resident!) where a repair company will come into your home and do an energy assessment. If they find issues, they’ll fix some of them for free 🙂

They’re in my home @ this very moment, and so far they’ve checked my attic’s insulation, checked under sinks, checked windows, checked air vents, checked doors, caulked/sealed several areas around windows/doors, under sinks, and inside cabinets, and re-weather-stripped all of my doors, as well as giving me info on other ways I can help reduce energy consumption.

You can read about it here: or call to set up an appointment @ 866-697-1582. The program is on a first come first served basis (when the funds run out the program is finished), so call soon if you’d like to try and get some services for your home.

Blessings & Peace,