What Did I Do?

I was out of work yesterday (Friday) due to gastrointestinal irregularities (for some wierd reason I really like the way that sounds!). Last night my wife started developing a migraine and went to bed early, so my son and I were up a bit later then usual. He started complainig about a sore throat, so I gave him some medication and sent him to bed. About an hour later he came back to the living room and complained about his stomach, so we gave him some Pepto . . . .which he promptly threw up 🙁

This morning, then, my stomach is still not quite correct, my wife is lying in bed with a bad migraine, and my son is lying on the sofa with a cold/flu/stomach bug kinda thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

My son expressed it quite well last night “What did I do to deserve this?”

It was a quick conversation about how God doesn’t punish us for sins in such a literal manner. (Though I think in this case his own body may be punishing him a bit – by his own admission he ate quite a lot of chocolate yesterday!)

It’s hard sometimes to work this train of thinking in with my students, and even with adults – there’s a very firm belief that God reward and punishes here on earth either with health or wealth. It’s a good reminder to us that Jesus was not wealthy and that he ultimately suffered and died. The current edition of US Catholic (which is @ work right now, so I can’t look up the exact quote) has a wonderful quote that says something like “God never promises to take away all of our suffering. But he does promise to lovingly enter into our suffering, suffer with us, and give us the strength, courage and determination to make it through the suffering.”

Blessings & Peace,