SAT Testing

This week of SAT testing has gone well. 7-1 has worked quite well on their tests, with most students finishing well ahead of the allotted time for each test. The tests themselves are un-timed, meaning that students have as much time as they need to finish each test; the listed times are guidelines to help us plan breaks for everyone. Religion class has been on “pause” this week as the SAT tests fall squarely in the time for religion; we’ll get back on track next week with Holy Week preparation for Easter.
Our Holy Week schedule is as follows:
Tuesday Evening: Prayer/PTO Meeting
Wednesday Morning: Washing of the Feet Morning Prayer
Thursday Morning: Live Stations of the Cross / Veneration of the Cross
Thursday: 1/2 day of school
Friday – Monday: Easter Break
Tuesday (April 10): Back in school (God’s Own Making Section II)
May you all have a wonder-filled Holy Week and Easter Celebration!
Blessings & Peace,
Mr. Hugo De La Rosa III