Who Am I?

For a while, I was posting several quizzes I had found that I enjoyed. The quizzes were mostly funny / satirical /entertaining / time wasting fluff, but I think that part of the reason I may not have posted recently is that I was trying to only post about religius / spiritual topics . . . and that’s only part of who I am.

A large part, granted, but only a part – not the whole. So I think I may expand the offerings on my blog. I’ll probably still post lots of religous stuff – it’s my line of work, I read a lot about it, I talk about it with others, and I’m constantly fascinated by the variety of religious experience that’s out there.

But I also like many other things: family time, extended family time, spouse time, goofing off time, alone time, music, reading, role-playing, watching TV, watching movies, doing yard work, computers, software, collectable card games, cooking, eating, sleeping, etc. and etc. 🙂

So my posts may be philosophically deep or refreshingly shallow; universally applicable or historically contingent and idiosyncratic; loved by most or ignored by most . . . but I think (I hope!) the freedom will push me to write more.

Having said that, if you’d like to find me on other parts of the web, here’s where to look:

> My current D&D Campaign wiki
> My obligatory MySpace page
> My Campus Ministry school site

And that’s about it – there’s a few others, but these are my main ones. Let’s see what happens now!

Blessings & Peace,