The National Youth Workers Convention

Later on this week I’m attending the National Youth Workers Convention in Austin, TX. I have to admit to being a bit nervous – this is the first non-Catholic large-scale conference that I’ll be attending. I usually attend the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry (an every-other-year event), but this year my budget couldn’t handle the cost so I had to look for something closer to home. The schedule looks grueling, and several workshops that I want to attend are scheduled at the same time, so we’ll see what happens. More info when I return!
Blessings & Peace,

4 thoughts on “The National Youth Workers Convention

  1. Hugo says:

    🙂 I should’ve remembered that. I’ve seen the ads for the Children’s conference, and I’ve thought about attending those, too (since I work with PK-8th grade), but this one is close. 🙂

    I leave Thursday morning – hope the weather holds up!

    Blessings & Peace,

  2. The JadedCM says:

    No, I have not. I work in children’s ministries and they have similar conferences for children’s ministries.

    I know several people who have been and everyone comes back very excited about what they have experienced. I also have read some books by presenters at the NYWC. I would like to go to it some day because I know it to be valueable.

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