i wrote this in high school . . . i still like it . . . enjoy 🙂

silence reigns, the heart is still

but peace, far from everlasting, is ephemeral

for eyes that see and hearts that hear

for a soul so longing to render aid . . .

watching . . .

slowly withdrawing to an inner place

far from the prying eyes and soundless talk

inner contemplation seeks a guide

to the suffering on the outside . . .

yes, it is there

no matter how much materialistic people deny it

no matter if stone-covered hearts refuse to see it

it is there

in a neighbor–a listless smile

a relative–a gloomy face

a friend–the quietness that comes from the depths of a

soul yearning for a love and peace that is always

just one step away

one horizon further

one prayer ahead

but that never reaches them and drives them to an even

deeper despair

than at first

yet i pretend that all is well

as my soul cries out for justice

trapped by walls that have no boundaries

save those set in my mind

i wait

and listen

and watch

while the sickness that spreads over our world

corrupts and eats at the vitality of others

like a cancer

yes, there must be suffering . . .

through it the world is being cleansed . . .

yet, “why do the weary have to walk so far?”

better yet, why doesn’t the mass of humanity respond?

in the face of such suffering they turn their thoughts inward

and forget their family

because of selfishness, tinged with fear–

of being themselves

of baring their hearts

of being hurt–

they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear

to the struggles of their friends

a mask of contentment is worn for all to see

people say “things are great–no problems here”

yet inside, they are as dark as their companions

who willingly show a distraught face . . .

who is the stronger?

and where is the aid that should be freely rendered

as we bear each others’ burdens?

why is it so hard to love?

i look to Christ . . .

i know my answer lies within, as

Paraclete gives boundless wisdom

as Healer heals, and Lover loves

and Peacefulness yields his life for all

yet why must we remain so ignorant?

the suffering of one redeems us all, yet recognition . . .

love is twisted

faith destroyed

hope, lessened until it is no longer . . .

yet Christ

he loves so much

dying as he did of a broken heart

a heart filled with all the pain that was

that is

that will be

he cries out in the form of every single person who is hurting

he stares at us every day, desperately seeking

our aid . . .

yet we beg off–

too much work, not enough time

“i come before you do–fix it yourself”

the excuses are endless, the pain evergrowing

by refusing to help a soul two are worse off

i cry out to Justice, yet Justice, it seems, hears not

but i forget . . .

without Good Friday there is no Easter Sunday

without a crown of thorns there is no crown of glory

without dying there is no life

dear God forgive me for doubting . . .

“against You only have i sinned”

for it is during our weakest moments

it is during our trials and tribulations

it is while our heart is in pieces

shattered by the pain that assails us

that we draw near to You

that You enfold us in Your arms of love

that You carry us

that You let us feel the love You have for us

it is then that we are most fit to love and be loved . . .