My Life in Review

Year 1: O_o

Year 2: What is this “toilet” you speak of?

Year 3: I have to wear clothes all the time?

Year 4: I will not wear this particular set of clothes – down the toilet it goes!

Year 5: What is this “school” you speak of?

Year 6: I rock at school 🙂

Year 7: What is this “CCD” you speak of?

Year 8: First Communion! 🙂 (alternatively – first girlfriend!)

Year 9: 4D

Year 10: I don’t remember anything from this year 🙂

Year 11: Band! Trumpet! Selina! Dungeons & Dragons!

Year 12: Bike riding all over Weslaco

Year 13: Puberty! (Shaving, too – I was and continue to be folically superior)

Year 14: High School! Marching Band!

Year 15: So many good friends!

Year 16: Wait . . . High School is almost over?

Year 17: Graduation! (also, staying up all night the night of prom – partying? no! playing serenatas all over Weslaco cause the next day was Mother’s Day)

Year 18: College (also, getting my driver’s license – yay!) (also, Milton visiting me when I was the only guy in my freshman dorm pool surrounded by girls) (also, I don’t always swim in my freshman dorm . . . but when I do, I make sure I’m the only guy surrounded by girls)

Year 19: Religion! Theology! Philosophy! Psychology! Anthropology! Sociology! (I loved college reading / classes)

Year 20: Wait . . . college is almost over?

Year 21: Graduation!

Year 22: Diocesan Office of Youth Ministry, Associate Director

Year 23: Marriage! \(~o~)/ \(^o^)/ \(-o-)/

Year 24: Wait . . . what do you mean I’m the only one in this diocesan office now?

Year 25: Baby! \(~o~)/ \(^o^)/ \(-o-)/ (also discovered Diablo!)

Year 26: Fired! (?_?)  (also, what are all of these “diapers” you speak of?)

Year 27: Campus Minister, Our Lady of Sorrows School 🙂

Year 28: What do you mean my son is going to school next year?

Year 29: Son’s first year of school! (at OLS, of course) 🙂

Year  30: Why yes, Sr. Maxie, I do play this card game called “Magic.” Yes, at my age. Yes, my friends play, too. Why yes, Ms. Jeanne, I do still play this roleplaying game called Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, at my age. Yes, my friends play, too.

Year 31: Still playing trumpet! (Though my range and stamina are horrible compared to the wonder years of High School).

Year  32: Discovered Neverwinter Nights 🙂

Year 33: Still married! (meaning – my wife still puts up with me!)

Year 34: Discovered Blogging 🙂

Year 35: Hmm . . . 1/2 way to 70! 🙂

Year  36: Why no, son, I don’t want to try this “World of Warcraft” game you started playing – I don’t think I’ll get into it.

Year  37: What do you mean my son is leaving OLS next year?

Year  38: What do you mean my son is going to High School next year?

Year  39: My son had an awesome first year of High School! (Wait . . . how old am I now?)

Year 40: Still in love with my wife, still loving my son, still rocking a full head of hair, still rocking 🙂 (and wailing on the trumpet) (and playing WOW) (and Diablo III) (and occasionally Magic and D&D) (and finally started blogging again) (and desperately needs to exercise!)

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  1. superdrmario says:

    You should elaborate more on the years, “what is this 4D you speak of”? You should also put more content and add a few more years.

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