Presence and Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID-19

March 21, 2020 - Catechesis, Catholicism, Prayer, Religion/Theology, Scripture, Spirituality
Presence and Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID-19

My diocese, along with every other diocese in the United States, has halted the public celebration of Holy Mass for the foreseeable future. That is, priests, either accompanied by a deacon or alone, are still celebrating Holy Mass in the privacy of their parish or chapel, but without any parishioners in attendance (following the CDC’s recommendations to physically distance ourselves from others, both for our safety and theirs).

It’s good for us as Catholics to remember that Holy Mass is still being celebrated, just not with us sitting in the pews and physically being a part of it. So how do we participate?

This is one Lent where we’re experiencing spiritual dryness by not being able to celebrate Holy Mass as a community. We’re experiencing a bit of the dark night of the soul that St. John of the Cross wrote about, where we continue to stay faithful to our God, even in the midst of suffering. It gives us a chance to offer the suffering of missing Holy Mass for those areas where Mass is only celebrated a few times a year (remote areas with very little priests) or not at all (areas where it’s still dangerous to openly practice faith). If only for a little while, we join our crucified savior in his Lenten retreat, and ask for the grace to be his Presence to the people around us. We are called to become the Eucharist for others, even as we strive to see the Eucharistic Presence in them.

Prayers for all of us during this time of challenge.

Blessings & Peace,
Hugo De La Rosa III

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