My Favorite Sports Teams

I’m not a sporty person – in role-playing terms, my strength and dexterity are normal to low 🙂 But I had a conversation with my son about sports teams I might support if I were sporty – these are those teams, as well as the (non-sporty!) reasons I’d support them:

The Carolina Panthers: My high school mascot (and, I’m pretty sure, my junior high mascot, but I have a horrible memory for things like this, so I’d have to verify that with someone else!) was the Panthers, so this team has my support as they’re tied in to my mysterious backstory. 🙂 Please note that I have no conception of where on a map of the US this mythical “Carolina” is, but the mascot: that I can picture in my head.

New Orleans Saints / Los Angeles Angels: As a Catholic, I fully support saints and angels! Maybe not everything that happens in New Orleans . . . but saints? Of course! Though I have to clarify: according to Catholic teaching, we become saints once we enter heaven, not angels – sorry!

Orlando Magic / Washington Wizards: With a background in Dungeons & Dragons (played now for about 38 years; additionally, in RPG’s [both table top and massively multiplayer online formats]) I tend to play arcane or divine casters (wizards, mages, sorcerers, elementalists, warlocks, clerics, priests, etc.) and a love of fantasy in both print and visual form, both of these teams have my undying (necromantic!) support!

Utah Jazz / St. Louis Blues: I play trumpet, a bit of piano, and throw in a bit of vocals (not, obviously, all three at the same time) – and especially on trumpet, jazzy/bluesy music is my favorite genre to play and listen to. So both of these teams make the list!

Seattle Krakens: I have self-diagnosed thalassophobia  – I can barely swim (under ideal, calm conditions when I can prepare myself to enter a body of water under very controlled circumstances, which includes time to meditate, time to slowly walk into the body of water, time to let myself float, and then time to begin slowly swimming, all while the planets, stars and my chakras are in alignment!), and tend to panic anytime I’m in water that is deeper than my calves. My all pervasive, underlying fear is that, due to the nature of string-theory waves, there’s a non-zero chance that I’ll wake up in the middle of the ocean, drowning, and about to be eaten by a giant sea creature. But on the other hand, I love fantasy! And “release the kraken” is a great line from a great movie, so this team gets my full support 🙂

Blessings & Peace,