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I’ve played the MMO World of Warcraft for about ten years (running a casual/leveling guild named Sanctuary on Terrokar (US) for almost five years). I’m no longer a guild leader and the guild is no longer active (only serving to hold my toons and my sons’ toons). I thought I’d post up some of the rules and guidelines from my guild in case anyone needed some inspiration. Enjoy! 🙂 [Update 11/2015: I’m getting an itch to run a guild again. Will it work? We’ll see!] [Update 3/2017: It didn’t get off the ground because it was just a thought – my play time has become a bit limited this school year]

What are the Guild Rules?
This is an expanded exploration of our guild rules: (Updated 3/20/10)

1. Be respectful

This includes (but is not limited to) the following:
– not arguing with other guild members
– not making fun of others
– asking for things politely (not demanding)
– speaking/typing politely in general (which is harder than it sounds – there’s no visual or auditory cues in chat – please think twice before you type)
– being helpful (not ignoring or answering in an elitist or putting down manner)
– engaging in friendly guild chat (as you’re comfortable)

Why is that rule here? I come to the game as a Catholic Christian parent whose child occasionally plays. My faith is an important part of my life, and part of my belief system is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I expect respect from all members to all members.

2. No spam or foul/offensive language
This actually fits under #1, but I find it better to be explicit about it 🙂
– No bad, foul, dirty, etc. words in guild chat.
– No words that try to get around that, either (though I will tolerate the occasional OMFG, LMAO or wtf).
– No suggestive language
– No repeated posting of messages
– No derogatory terms in guild chat (saying something is “gay”, using racial slurs, etc.)

Why is this rule here? Same as above. Also, I want to make sure that all guild members are comfortable in the guild. As a parent, I also want to make sure that if any parents are watching their child play, they see a positive experience in guild chat.

3. No begging for gold, instance runs or groups
– No constant asking for runs. The Dungeon Finder tool can be used from level 15 on, and is a great way to learn your class. You can quest or chat while you wait for your run to happen. When you must ask, ask once and politely.
– No asking for gold in guild chat or whisps. All of us were there once, grinding for gold to pay for training costs, gear upgrades, respec costs, mounts, etc. It puts other members in the uncomfortable situation of saying “no”, or of saying “yes” because they feel pressured. We’ve had bad experiences as a guild and personally with lending out gold. Please earn your own. I will make the following exception: if you need money for your mount (not the training!) at levels 20, 40 and 60 we will provide. Please ask me directly as soon as possible after you level. The guild will also pay for scheduled Raid repairs and will pay if we ask someone to respec for the good of the guild.

Why is this here? Pretty much explained 🙂 I will add, however, that running instances appropriate to your level with a level appropriate group is one of the best ways to learn to play your class. Getting run-throughs from higher level members robs you of that valuable experience. Also, higher level members have limited play time. They would like to quest, make some cash, and get some gear as well. Constant asking for runs robs them of their enjoyment and puts a negative spin on the guild.

4. Guild bank use
– Only pull what you can use on your toon or for your alts in our guild
– Whatever you deposit becomes the property of the guild (no refunds on money or gear)

This is the reason most people are removed from the guild – they took something much too high level for them to use. They either sold it or passed it to an alt not in the guild. When confronted over the item most just leave on their own initiative. Guild items are there for guild member use, and it helps everyone when people don’t pull items they can’t use.

5. Promotions
– Done almost every weekend – please see the FAQ (a bit further down on this page) for a fuller explanation of ranks and promotions

6. Invites & Schedules
– Guardians+ can invite new members to the guild
– Anyone can have alts in the guild (as many as you want) – but if alts go inactive they are generally removed unless you ask me not to
– Guardians+ can schedule items on the ingame calendar

If you would like to run a dungeon with a full group (as I recommend), please ask someone to put it on the schedule. That way people can sign up for it.

What is the philosophy behind the guild?
Updated 3/20/10

I see Sanctuary as a friendly social/leveling guild that casually raids.

1. Real life takes precedence over in-game life. There will be times that many members will be on, and times when only a few will be on.

2. You can level at your own pace and play however you feel comfortable (questing, PvP, raiding, chain heroics, pet collecting, etc.).

3. We accept members of all ages – the guild was created primarily so that my son and I could play together in an atmosphere I found acceptable.

4. We will have events that have nothing to do with leveling, grinding, or making cash – just fun things to do with your guildmates.

5. We are not a hardcore raiding guild – there are no requirements for attendance / you do not have to play every day. However, we do have a set group of people working on progression, and you must know your character well and have at least passing good gear to get into a raid run 🙂 Also, for scheduled non-core raids, preference is given to those people who have signed up for the raid. (Please see other FAQ’s that deal more directly with raiding).

How do they work / How do I get promoted?

Updated 11/15/15 (This reflects how I would structure it now; it’s pretty much the same, but I figured I’d tweak it a bit more).

Inactive: You gain this rank once your toon is listed as “last online / 2 months”. If you are new or lower than level 15 you are generally removed from the guild. If your main goes inactive your alts are generally removed when they hit inactive as well. Inactive toons can’t do anything except talk in guild chat. You are generally moved from Inactive back to Defender after logging back in and sending me an in-game note or message.

Alt: Your toon has this rank if you have another toon in the guild that is designated as your “main.” Alts have more limited withdrawal access from the bank. If at any time you’d like an alt to become your main let me or an officer know and we can adjust your status (as long as it’s not too often). You can have as many alts as you want, but alts that are not played for more than three months are generally removed (even if your main has been online).

AspirantDefender: This is the new member rank. It gives us a chance to meet new recruits in guild chat and see if we’re a good fit for them and they a good fit for us. Limited bank access, no note access – pretty much a trial time (If your main toon is here, all alts are, too).

HeraldChampion: After approximately one month of active participation in the guild (chatting in guild chat, assisting in runs, donating to the bank, etc.) and achieving at least level 25 Defenders are moved to Champion rank. This is the full member rank. Champions get more bank access and can adjust their note and their alts’ notes.

Zealot: This rank is for max level toons who want to actively raid. They have access to a separate bank tab. Otherwise, this rank has all the same perks and benefits as the member rank. Champions are moved here after at least one month of active participation and actively letting us know you want to raid and are ready to commit to it. Zealots have preferred status for getting into raids (as long as you sign up on the calendar).

Herald: An administrative rank for Avenger (Officer) alts, so they can still chat in Officer chat even when on alts. Useful to help keep the bank tidy, too!

Avenger: This is the Officer-level rank. Officers are expected to follow and enforce all guild rules, use the bank responsibly, continue donating items/gold to the bank, and give the guild a good name by their behavior in trade / guild / general chat, instance runs, etc. Officers have all the powers of the GM to promote/demote, invite, change info, etc. They represent me when I am not on. Any abuse of officer rank powers will result in immediate demotion and/or removal from the guild. (With great power comes great responsibility).

Avatar: My alts 🙂

Archon: This is me (your Guild Leader) 🙂


1. Promotions are done on weekends by me (Anarius)

2. If your main (the toon you usually play on and have designated as your main) leaves the guild, please designate one new toon as your main (tell me or an officer in chat or through the mail) – officers will be moved to Champion rank, since it doesn’t make sense to keep your toon at an officer rank if the majority of your time will be spent off-guild on another toon.

3. Anyone can recruit for the guild, but only Champions or higher can invite. (Please see FAQ on guild invitations if you want to actively recruit)

4. All of this is subject to change without notice 🙂 (Though I’ll usually provide notice on the website and on the Message of the Day in-game).

And there you go – I wrote much more and posted it to our guild site, but I think this hits the more salient points.

Blessings & Peace,

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