Journey Into Infinity Part 1

Where I immortalize and serialize a short story I wrote way back in 1992 🙂 (Edited, of course, for clarity and . . . editing!)

Okay . . . I didn’t think I was crazy, but how else could I explain what was happening to me? Weird dreams . . . some of them nightmares . . . it got to be that I dreaded going to sleep, or even having an idle moment that might lead to a daydream! Sure – my parents and teachers praised me: “What a good, hard working student!” But deep inside, even at that young age, I know that they would send me away if I told them what I experienced. However, as I entered high school and then college, I started to have an inkling of what might be happening.

My situation became clearer my last year of college. I saw a talk show on TV – I don’t remember which one – where the host and guests were discussing ESP, astral projection, alternate realities, and other topics. It was interesting, so I decided to visit a used bookstore and look for some books that might shed light on the topic and my situation.

I asked the retail worker at the front desk to direct me to the section on parapsychology (the general topic I remembered from the talk show). He directed me to the section on metaphysics and left me to my own devices. I browsed for hours, never having seen such a variety of books on such diverse topics. I picked out several books, but I was leaving the section a large, leather-bound book caught my attention. It felt as if I was being drawn to it. I stared for a few moments, then shuffled slowly closer. As I reached out for it, an electric tingle shot through my whole body, as if I’d touched a live wire. I convulsively grabbed the book, dropping the other ones I’d intended to purchase, and bolted out of the store, leaving the clerks shouting behind me. As I drove home, the only thing on my mind was the book I now possessed.