Apophatic Numinosity

So my wife and I have been talking (well, mainly her talking – this is her idea!) about starting a YouTube channel, so after much hemming and hawing (and lots of stuff to do at work and around our home), we finally created the channel and named it.

Now, this blog is titled Sacred Temptation, so, of course, I wanted to name the YouTube channel that as well. Wife was . . . not enthused. Gave other suggestions. I was not enthused. Dropped the subject. Kept coming back to the subject. Today, she said “let’s go with it.” Great! But then I googled Sacred Temptation, just to make sure no one else was using it as a brand (don’t want to get sued here!). No brands that we could find, but some of the results were . . . interesting (a personal social media site of some sort, assorted err . . . religious costumes, and an older ebook that is most definitely NSFW!), and possibly not what we wanted associated with the up and coming YouTube channel.

So the Search For A New Name was on. She suggested translating into Latin: TEMPTATIONIS SACRAE. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. She kinda liked it – I wasn’t too keen on trying to say that over and over again. Tried a few other combos, tried looking for synonyms for “temptation” while keeping “sacred.” Nothing was really clicking for me.

There’s times (like when I’m naming a blog, or choosing a name for a new PC for WOW or D&D 5e) when I wait for that “a ha” moment – I found what I was looking for. I remembered that somewhere I had a document where I was brainstorming names for this very blog way back in the day. I found the Word doc. I looked through my old brainstorming session notes. And viola! Apophatic Numinosity was born.

So far, that’s all we really have 🙂 But by mid-March we should have our first episodes ready to go. I’m excited – let’s see how this goes!

Blessings & Peace,
Hugo De La Rosa III

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    1. hugodlr says:

      Thanks! Personal items have pushed back our start date, but we’re still excited about taking the plunge!

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