Thanks and Great Job!

Thanks so much to all of the 7th grade parents who volunteered time, energy and/or food and snacks to our YouthServe retreat. The students had a wonderful time learning about the social justice teaching of our Catholic church, and an equally good time serving the citizens of the RGV by their service time at the […]

The Well Has Run Dry

So it could be that I’m lazy, that I procrastinate, that I just did a two day overnight retreat with 30 7th graders, or that I have perpetual writer’s block, but I can’t seem to come up with a blogging topic that excites me. Quesitions, comments, prompts and/or ideas are asked for – thanks! 🙂 […]

Not Really a Post . . .

. . . but my 7th graders are studying the New Testament this semester, and I found a web site that has some of the information they’re studying. The web page is a nice synopsis of some of the non-Christian evidence we have for the existence of Jesus and the early Christian movement. You can […]

A Long Lost Friend

So I have a MySpace page that’s popluated with family members, friends, and current & former students. I got a message on MySpace from a college friend I hadn’t talked to in years – gotta love the internet! Since she’s got a blog and since she’s gonna read this blog I figured it was time […]

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to another semester at OLSS, and a brand new year as well! This quarter students will begin working with a new text: The New Testament – A Course on Jesus Christ and His Disciples ( We will also focus on hunger, poverty and homelessness during Lent, as well as watch the movie Jesus […]