Our word for the body of Christ and for the celebration of that sacrament (Eucharist) comes from a Greek word that means “praise and thanksgiving.” As we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a good reminder that we are called to constantly give thanks for our blessings.

At a time when the majority of the world’s population lives on less then $300 a year, even those of us who are poor in America are materially wealthy in comparison. So we can use this holiday to pause and remind ourselves of the many blessings we have. Some of these blessings are things we take for granted that many in our world can’t have: clean drinking water, a soft bed to sleep in, A/C units to keep us warm or cool, more than one set of clothing we can wear, indoor plumbing, and our health. Others may be more personal, tailored to each individual or each family.

Whatever the case, pause often this month and take the time to turn your thoughts to God in prayer, and thank God for the blessings and the tribulations that are part of our life. It will connect us to the saints and angels who surround God’s throne in heaven and continually offer him praise and thanksgiving.

Blessings & Peace,