Already Missed A Day

Due to the fact that yesterday was very packed with stuff to do. Had to wake up early because my son had a birthday party to attend. He was being picked up here at our house, so I had to clean the kitchen, living room & dining room all while getting our clothes ready and me showered. Once he left it was time to take my wife out for her Mother’s day meal (since we were alone – it’s not often we get to eat out by ourselves!). Then it was shopping time for her gift (she ended up finally getting the digital camera she’s been asking for!). We picked up our son after that, rushed home, and I showered and changed again (I was playing trumpet at a wedding). I got home at about 10 last night, and now I’m posting quickly because I have to get to Mass then do two more Mother’s Day meals today (mom & mom-in-law).
Here’s to long weekends! 🙂
Blessings & Peace,