Where Am I?

Sorry no posts – it’s summer . . . you’d think I’d have more time, wouldn’t ya? 🙂

Real life has a way of pushing blogging life aside . . . my son is under the weather, my lawn needs major rejuvenation (I dread to see my water bill – as a friend of mine put it “you’ve decided to bring your lawn back to life *during the summer*?!?!?), and we’re ripping up carpet in our home . . . fun, fun , fun! 🙂

My wife’s b-day is coming up next week, and for this weekend most of my siblings are coming down . . . BBQ time again! There’s got to be something primal about working with fire . . . I find any excuse possible to get out there and grill. 🙂

I’m reading two books I really like right now (another reason blogging has taken back stage for a bit): The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey and The Birth of Christianity by John Dominic Crossan – I really like both of ’em – the former book is an easier read than the latter (Crossan packing lots of stuff into each paragraph!), but they’re both giving me stuff to think about. I’ll distill some of what I’ve read and am thinking into a post before this weekend.

Blessings & Peace,

2 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. Hugo says:

    lol! Yeah – I’m officially off for
    June & July, but there’s still paperwork, advance planning, and other administrative things I need to do . . . so I go in a few day sout of the week for a few hours. My son is registered in swimming, the library summer reading club and the library litany of summer activities, so that keeps us busy every day of the week as well.

    That’s on top of all the house work / yard wordk / honney do’s that I have to keep abreast of, not to mention that I’d like to indulge my own hobbies as well (trumpet, computer, gaming, etc.)! 🙂

    Technically we’re under a water watch right now (I think . . . I haven’t heard naythig about it in the paper/news for a few months). But now the pressure’s on – my neighbor, unbeknownst to me, just had a fresh lawn put in . . . now his front yard looks better than miine – gotta keep up with the Joneses!

    Finally, I’ve read two other books by Yanconelli – Dangerous Wonder & Messy Spirituality – I really liked ’em both, and this current book is no exception.

    Good luck staying sane! 🙂

    Blessings & Peace,

  2. The JadedCM says:

    Hey Hugo,

    I know what you are talking about with summer time means no time. This week is our Vacation Bible School at church, usually a children’s pastor’s worst nightmare (not so much in my case though). Oh…and this week, I have moved out of my apartment, living out of my parents garage, got the keys to my new house, cleaned my old apartment, and began cleaning my new (80 year old) house.

    So…yeah, blogging has been set aside.

    Sorry to hear you have a water bill, the water cops keep getting threatened here in my part of California but it hasn’t happened yet.

    I look forward to your insights, you are always fun to read.

    Oh…and the reason I commented was I have read the Yancey book. Really good and eye-opening. It sparked me to read other Yancey books. I’m curious about the other, I haven’t read it. Let us Followers of Hugo know if it is a good read or not.

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