Prayer Works

I’m going through old, old papers from my time at Our Lady of the Lake University when I was working on my BS in Religious Studies (with a minor in philosophy, of course!). I remember heading to the computer lab to work on these (sometimes at the last minute!), and, while I’m sure I had 3.5″ discs those are long gone. This is from a paper on interpreting Scripture – this is the section I like 🙂

It is in this way that prayer works: God is constantly calling to us, trying to break into our lives. If we but answer in the slightest, God will take two steps towards us for every one step that we take. However, at the slightest hint of rejection God withdraws for a while, for we live in absolute freedom. However, God, being a stubborn God, always returns, ever trying to seduce us, to entice us, to captivate us enough that we may be tempted to go over to God’s way of doing things, to that primordial relationship with the sacred in our lives, in our communities, and in our world.

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