Advocated Android Apps

A friend bought a new android tablet and asked me what apps I’d recommend. Here are some of my favorites (not necessarily just for tablets) from either the Google Play Store or from Amazon’s app marketplace (if you can, check the Amazon app store daily – they have one free app every day).

Catholic Apps
All three of these apps get you daily readings, different Bible translations, prayers by category, and tons more. Any one will work, but all three together pretty much guarantee that you’ll find the info or prayer you’re looking for.

Browser Replacements
I don’t use the default browser on my phone or tablet – I install both of these. I enjoy the Chrome Browser because I have it linked to my Google Chrome account – all of my desktop bookmarks are easily available, my logins are synced, and if I have open browser windows on any of my computers I can get to them quickly from my phone/tablet. Dolphin Browser gets marks for being speedy and clean – if you don’t (or can’t – older versions of Android don’t support Chrome) use Chrome, this is my next choice.

Online Storage
If you’re looking to expand your storage options, cloud-based storage can give you several more GB’s of space. I’d install all of these, set up the accounts (or login – chance are most people have either a Microsoft or Google account), and enjoy the expanded space. (All of these are free apps)

Media / Consumption Related
AirSync: This app allows you to wirelessly transfer music from iTunes (on your computer) to your device. If you’ve got lots of free space on your SD card and need some tunes, this is the perfect app to use. <$4.99>

Amazon Kindle: Want to read on your device on the go? This piece of software will let you download books from Amazon (free or paid) so that you’re never without reading material. If you already own a Kindle or if you use the free Kindle software on your computer, this app will sync with your account as well, making it that much easier to read wherever and whenever you want. <Free>

Amazon Mobile (phone / tablet): Browse everything Amazon offers quickly, and purchase items just as quickly, too. <Free>

DicePlayer: This is the app for you if you run into file types you can’t play with the built in video player, or if you would like more control over picture/audio quality, or if you would like to install custom codecs from different sources. <Free>

Netflix: If you have an account there’s no reason not to install this – being able to watch movies whenever and wherever is great! <Free>

Twilight: This app shifts your display into the red as nighttime hits. Numerous studies point to bright light as a major contributor to insomnia. If you find yourself using electronics often right before bed, this may help counteract those effects. <Free>

Clean Master (Cleaner): Run this once a week to keep your device running smooth and speedy (Junk Files and Privacy are the two options I use – Tasks won’t do much (Tasks is a built in task cleaner, but they really don’t do much for performance in general for Android based systems); App Manager is good for uninstalling or backing up programs and data, but I use other programs for those tasks (but your phone needs to be rooted, and that’ll be a longer, separate post one day) 🙂 <Free>

Evernote: I use this to keep notes on just about everything work, home and play related. The fact that it’s synced across all my desktops and mobile devices is awesome. <Free>

Nova Launcher (and the paid version): I love tinkering with the look and feel of my Android devices (Windows, too!). This great app let’s you add/delete home screens, set new animations, group icons in folders or pages, install icon packs and themes, change the grid layout of your homescreens (to make icons larger or smaller), layer icons and widgets on top of each other, and more. The basic app is free (try it and see if you like it!), and if you want a bit more functionality the Prime version will only set you back $4.00.

Swype Keyboard: I loved this when I got my first Epic – this app replaces the default keyboard with one that lets you swipe your finger across the keys to type. It takes a few days to get used to, but I find it so much faster than touch typing now. You can try it out for free, but at only $0.99 I would put this as a must have for any Android device.

And there you have it. Got a question about an app I listed, or need recommendations about other apps? Leave a comment and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Blessings & Peace,