Magic: The Gathering Summer School Handout

Why play Magic: The Gathering? Helps social skills / community aspect Brushes up basic math skills Improves reading & comprehension / vocabulary skills Good sportsmanship Resource management   For Brand new players Basic decks (mostly creatures and basic land) Mono colored Explain Card Types Lands Creatures Enchantments Sorceries & instants Artifacts Basics of combat Key […]

Mono White Deck

I’m moving this post over from another blog of mine (of which I only had three posts) – feel free to disregard if you don’t play Magic: The Gathering. 🙂 My current personal favorite deck breaks down like this: Creatures1 Savannah Lions2 Soul Warden3 Soltari Foot Soldier2 Lantern Kami3 Mourning Thrull2 Silver Knight2 White Knight1 […]