Mono White Deck

I’m moving this post over from another blog of mine (of which I only had three posts) – feel free to disregard if you don’t play Magic: The Gathering. 🙂

My current personal favorite deck breaks down like this:

1 Savannah Lions
2 Soul Warden
3 Soltari Foot Soldier
2 Lantern Kami
3 Mourning Thrull
2 Silver Knight
2 White Knight
1 Soltari Champion
1 Windborn Muse
1 Dawn Elemental
2 Serra Angel
1 Radiant, Archangel
1 Serra Avatar
1 Blazing Archon

1 Swords to Plowshares
2 Disenchant
1 Serra’s Blessing
2 Contemplate
2 Faith’s Fetters
4 Glorious Anthem
3 Congregate
1 Catastrophe

2 Angel’s Feather
1 Loxodon Warhammer

21 Plains

2 Drought
2 Karma
1 Light of Day
2 CoP: Blue
1 CoP: Green
1 RoP: Green
1 Conversion
1 Justice
2 RoP: Red
1 RoP: White
1 Sphere of Truth

The deck has several thursts: gaining life (congregate, soul warden, angel feather, contemplate, faith’s fetters, mourning thrull, warhammer), fast creatures out early in the game, and some nice larger creatures for later on in the game. I’ve got a few minor ways to deal with nuisances (catastrophe, swords to plowshares and disenchant), and the sideboard is geared towards each color (with black and red getting more cards in the sideboard than the other three colors).

Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Little Miss Tangent says:

    I have no idea what the heck any of this is… To me, it looks like a recipe… except I can’t figure out how all this becomes edible…

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