So I bit the bullet and decided to start blogging again, thinking that if I’m actually paying to get a hosted site I’ll blog more. So far (one month into paying for my hosting!) all I’ve done is fiddle with the look of the site (though in my defense, WordPress is new to me, and […]

Kids These Days!

I tend to hear statements about how each subsequent generation of children is worse then before. I have some quotes I’ve always found useful to remind myself that yes, each generation/class of kids is different, but one thing stays the same: adults will always look nostalgically back to the past and rousingly say “we were […]

I found a website that consolidates info for those of us that have digital profiles all over the internet. 🙂 The site is called, and it let’s you place a bar over your websites with links to all of your other sites. The easiest way to see what I mean is to see it […]

Energy Savings for Texans

There’s a program for Texas residents (please excuse me if you’re a non-Texas resident!) where a repair company will come into your home and do an energy assessment. If they find issues, they’ll fix some of them for free 🙂 They’re in my home @ this very moment, and so far they’ve checked my attic’s […]