A Beginning

She wore a deep, leaf-green cloak over a loose brown tunic and cord-drawn breeches. The hood of her cloak kept her face covered, but it could not control the wisps of dark hair that slowly crept over her face and shoulders. He dressed similarly to his companion, but in sapphire-trimmed white linen. Both had the drawn, weary look of travelers moving far too quickly and for far too long.

They had awoken before daybreak, broken camp and moved towards a small building. The abandoned chapel was cool as they entered, hoarding the night’s temperature as winter gave way to spring. They knelt opposite one another on the bare stone, momentarily savoring the feeling of peace that permeated the ancient building. Closed eyes slowly opened as they focused on the small flame that hovered above the holy water font in the center of the sacred place.┬áMaking the sign of the Way in tandem, they began to pray.