My Creed

This is a creed I composed for the class I’m teaching on Doctrine – it’s modeled on the Nicene-Constantinople creed recited at every Catholic Mass (and many non-Catholic Christian churches). The students are given time, at the end of my course, to reflect on what they’ve learned and what they believe. They write down their creed, and then we pray them together to finish up the class. This is mine.

I believe in God our Creator
in his undying and steadfast love
in her ready forgiveness and abounding generosity
in the goodness of a creation shaped and molded by his hands
in the vigilance and protection she has for us

I believe in Yeshua ben Joseph, the Christ of God, the sacrament of God
I believe we can look to him as the center of our Church
As the model for our faith
As the bearer of God’s Good News
As the bridge between heaven and earth
I believe in the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity
One in Christ Jesus
Brothers and sisters all
I believe in the goodness and the holiness of all humanity
Symbolized in Mary our mother and Joseph her husband
I believe in the sanctity and holiness of the family
Heaven’s presence here on earth

I believe in the power and ever-presentness of the Great, Sacred and Holy Spirit
God’s own life breathed into us at the moment of our conception and creation
I believe in the animating and transforming power of this Spirit
And in the gentle ways she leads us closer to our Creator and Father, Yahweh

I believe in the inherent goodness of each and every person
I believe that grace – God’s own life – is a at the heart of our Church and faith
I believe in the sacramental reality of our faith and of our lives

I believe God speaks and works through us
I believe that we are still very much connected to our loved ones that have passed away
I believe that God’s work on this earth is greater they any of us

I believe because it is akin to breathing . . .
Without my faith, I would surely die.

Blessings & Peace,

3 thoughts on “My Creed

  1. Hugo says:

    Iggy / Queen:

    Thanks for the comments. My blogging has been sporadic @ best, so thanks also for stopping by! 🙂

    Blessings & PEace,

  2. iggy says:


    Very Cool!

    I think everyone who calls themesives a believer should do something like this…

    I found it quite interesting to just do the “we beleive” on my website. I had to really break it down in as few words as i could as to what I believed.
    It was a challange.


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