Spoiler Alert! His Dark Materials

I’m currently sheltering at home and am lucky enough to work at a Catholic school where many of my work and ministry responsibilities can be done at home. One of the breaks I’m taking from normal work is to occasionally sift through 20 years of accumulated work emails, deleting where necessary, moving information off email […]

Presence and Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID-19

My diocese, along with every other diocese in the United States, has halted the public celebration of Holy Mass for the foreseeable future. That is, priests, either accompanied by a deacon or alone, are still celebrating Holy Mass in the privacy of their parish or chapel, but without any parishioners in attendance (following the CDC’s […]

Descended to the Dead

So I’m cleaning out files from my work computer and I found one that would make a good, long-overdue post – enjoy! 🙂 The Apostle’s creed was written sometime in the 1st or 2nd century (compare it to the Nicene-Constantinople Creed [the one we say in church] which was composed around the 4th century). It […]

Catholic Gentleman’s Club

So my son and I are driving back from the Dollar Movies (The Green Hornet was enjoyable for $1.50!), and we drive by a local Gentlemen’s Club called the Tex-Mex Lounge. Proudly displayed on their outdoor billboard was a seafood buffet on Fridays. I’m glad to see that good Catholics can keep their Lenten discipline […]

My Post-Christian World Thought Experiment

I’m reading a two-volume book set that has all of the recent (from the 1960’s to today) Catholic church documents regarding the liturgy (the Mass). Yes – I know . . . exciting 🙂 I’m reading it because I coordinate the weekly Friday Mass celebrations at my school (along with other special Masses throughout the […]

A Series of Posts – Bringing it Home – Mary as Mediatrix

http://www.unhub.com/hugodlr (for my Facebook fans!) 🙂 The titles of “Mediatrix” and “Co-Redemptrix” are not officially defined dogmas of the Catholic Church regarding Mary (I defined the dogmas at the beginning of this document). They may be used of her in an unofficial capacity, but again, like the actual Marian dogmas of the Church, they are […]

A Series of Posts – Worship of Mary & the Saints

I post on my blog using Windows Live Writer, and then that blog post gets pulled into my Facebook page using Simplaris Blogcast. But it doesn’t seem to provide a link (only the first paragraph), so I’ll see if the links I posted above go through. 🙂 And now, on to your regularly scheduled blog […]

A Series of Posts – The Marian Dogmas Part II

Assumption The dogma states that "Mary, Immaculate Mother of God ever Virgin, after finishing the course of her life on earth, was taken up in body and soul to heavenly glory." Some distinctions: We don’t know if she died first and then was assumed, or if she was assumed on the verge of death, or […]

A Series of Posts – The Marian Dogmas Part I

Still posting from a short essay I wrote – enjoy 🙂 We have three Marian dogmas (teachings) in the Catholic Church a) Her divine motherhood (Theotokos, defined @ the Council of Ephesus in 431) b) her Immaculate Conception (formally defined in 1854) c) her bodily assumption into heaven (formally defined in 1950) Plus one dogma […]

Call No Man Your Father

Matthew 23:9 says, "Call no your father upon the earth, for one is your Father, which is in Heaven." Also, John 8:41 says that "we have one Father, even God." This tells me that I should call no human being on the face of the earth, Father. But all good Roman Catholics do. I assume […]