Spoiler Alert! His Dark Materials

I’m currently sheltering at home and am lucky enough to work at a Catholic school where many of my work and ministry responsibilities can be done at home. One of the breaks I’m taking from normal work is to occasionally sift through 20 years of accumulated work emails, deleting where necessary, moving information off email […]

Back from the Conference

I attended the National Youth Workers Conference put on by Youth Specialties in Austin last week/weekend. It was my first time attending, and I really enjoyed it. The first day and a half I participated in a contemplative retreat entitled “Becoming the Beloved.” It was facilitated by Mark Yaconelli, and it was the best part […]

Dark Nights of the Soul

I’m reading through Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore (not to be confused with Dark Night of Soul by St. John of the Cross or with the man [Thomas More] who died staying true to his faith), so my next several posts will deal with quotes from the book. The book deals with […]


I just finished reading this months US Catholic, and I found two quotes I just had to share . . . they’re full of evocative imagery and, I confess, they sound like things I wish I’d written: Subdued and domesticated by God, water becomes the holy weapon of choice against original sin. The waters of […]

So You Want To Be A Wizard

I read through a book series which started with the book So You Want To Be A Wizard. In it, wizardry (the power to create magic in many different forms) chooses who it will live in (magic will not live in the unwilling heart is the mantra all beginning wizards learn) and wizards can choose […]


KC tagged me with this, so here we go! 1. How many books have I owned?Way too many . . . i quickly counted the books in our library (our spare bedroom!) and in other places around the house, and we’ve got around 400 books. However, that doesn’t count the many, many books we bought/acquired […]

American Gods

I finished reading a book last week called American Gods by Neil Gaiman [I may have misspelled his last name and I’m too lazy to look it up :-)]. The premise of the book is that when every immigrant came over to America they brought their own faith – their own gods – with them. […]

The Sword of Truth

A friend of mine lent me the eight books that comprise the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. In it, there are a dying strand of Wizard’s who discovered/created a set of rules that they live by. Thought I’d post ’em, and in a few days talk a bit more about them. Here they […]


God has planted eternity in the human heart. – Ecclesiastes 3:11 One of the books I’m currently reading is The Purpose Driven Life. The 4th Chapter is titled Made to Last Forever. These are my thoughts/reflections on it . . . God exists in timelessness (which is different from eternity – eternity lasts forever – […]


Found another quote I liked, from a book I’m planning on buying called Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore. Here it is: Every human life is made up of the light and the dark, the happy and the sad, the vital and the deadening. How you think about this rhythm of moods makes […]