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An Octet of Baleful Reveries – Avaritia, Gula & Superbia
The California based band Thrice came onto my musical radar [...]
An Exegetical Journey into the Symbolism of Vehicular Tuning
An appropriate song for coming in from the winter of my [...]
An Interlude
“How do you feel,” the instructor asked. It was a [...]
Jesus Saves . . . and Takes 1/2 Damage
I was introduced to tabletop role-playing games through [...]
The Ways of Prayer
He worships while he grooves, she prays and barely moves, but [...]
A Battle
Pain blossomed across her torso as her opponent’s dagger [...]
Salmon Pattie Recipie
Cooking / Prep Time: 30 mins – 1 hour (depends how many you [...]
Weapons of Mass Damnation
Hear and understand: not what goes into the mouth defiles a [...]
Dramatic Pause {In which a Large Number of Brackets (TM) (C) are used at once}
We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you [...]
The Nugget of Uncleanliness
Why do your disciples not follow the tradition of the elders [...]